Regular Website:

  • Home page
  • Landing pages
  • Contact page (request form)
  • Admin panel
  • Blog engine (optional)
  • Gallery (optional)

Mobile Web:

  • Website optimized for all mobile platforms
  • Corporate brand consistency
  • Efficient design
  • Support for all platforms
  • Automatic redirection to mobile version

E-Commerce Website:

  • Turnkey online shop
  • Home page
  • Catalog
  • Shopping cart
  • Integration with payment systems (PayPal)
  • Product management admin panel
  • Registration (optional)

Corporate Portal:

  • Fully integrated corporate portal
  • Business profitability improvement
  • Integration of people, processes, applications and information inside the company
  • Full business investigation and software consulting
  • Optimal leveraging of human and IT assets
  • Effective information management
  • Highest level of security